How Tele-PAP Provide Remote Therapy Management

Tele-PAP is a registered company in Singapore, online platform to offer a easy access to CPAP machine, masks, accessories and replacement parts.

As a online CPAP company, we saved on running cost like expensive office rental, office electricity, wifi connection, daily operation. We pass these saving to our customers.
We provide as much product information's, instruction guides as possible, on top of that we also have whatsapp chat where we will do our best to offer the best possible support to our customer. remote services

Tele-Monitoring on CPAP Therapy
Most advance CPAP brands comes with self-tracking CPAP data mobile app and cloud system or Wi-Fi connection that allows your care-provider to  access remote viewing of detail data and adjustment of clinical setting on the CPAP machine, while you are at home or in office. 

CPAP Therapy setup & Therapy Management with experienced RPSGT
A proper Auto CPAP setup help alleviate conditions associated with sleep apnea, such as snoring and sleep disturbances. A suitable Auto CPAP clinical setting may take some times to adjust from time to time to achieve the desire result of AHI 5 and below, especially you are a first time CPAP user. Tele-PAP partnered with a team of RPSGT with at least 10years of experience so to ensure each of our CPAP user is well taken care of.

If you are newly diagnosed with Sleep Apnea and has not been on any CPAP trial or not sure which mask is ideal for you:

  • Click on the Whatsapp symbol to reach us. Our therapy consultant will be here to provide support and recommendation of CPAP machine and mask according to your needs.
  • A customize CPAP setup before shipping it out to you. 
  • For the first week of your CPAP therapy, we will do tele-monitor of your progress.

    If you already own a mask and has went through a CPAP trial,

    • Share your Trial CPAP report with our therapist (if you have a copy)
    • Our therapist will explain the report
    • Recommendation of CPAP device according to your needs with customize CPAP setup before shipping it to you

      If you have a recent CPAP report (less than 6 months), please share it with us. Or We will guide you on how to retrieve your current CPAP setting. 

      • Your CPAP will be set up according to your current CPAP setting. 
      • During the first 30 days on CPAP ordered from Tele-PAP, we will provide a weekly update CPAP data report.
      • If should there be any setting adjustment is required, it will be discussed with you in advance before we perform any setting adjustment remotely. 


        This is a yearly CPAP Therapy Management program designed to provide all year round assistant for your CPAP therapy. For only $3.20 per month ($38.40 yearly)

        • Tele-monitoring and review of your CPAP data upon request (unlimited within a year )
        • Troubleshoot / Fine Tuning of your CPAP therapy whenever you have any discomfort on your CPAP Therapy.  (unlimited within a year) 
        • Bi-Annual softcopy of you CPAP data will be send to you via whatsapp with explanation and recommendation of any adjustment (if required)
        • Download of your CPAP data report for your doctor visit appointment.

        Remote CPAP Therapy Monitoring platform for clinician / care-provider

        ResMed AirSense10, AirCurve10
        ResMed AirView™ is a secure, cloud-based system that helps manage patients that is using PAP for OSA. It enables care-provider a remote access to clinical information of your CPAP usage data and adjustment of your device setting when it is needed. Reducing cost in traveling to your care-provider. 

        BMC G3 A20
        BMC - The iCodeConnect®  is a cloud-based information management system that makes transferring sleep reports seamless. It enables care-provider a remote access to clinical information of your CPAP usage data and adjustment of your device setting when it is needed. Reducing cost in traveling to your care-provider.