ResMed AirSense10 User and Cleaning Guide



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ResMed AirSense10 / AirCurve10 

Device & Power Supply Unit : 5 years
Water Chamber:  2.5 years
Air Tubing  6 months

The AirSense10 / AirCurve10 device is intended to provide safe and reliable operation when operated in accordance with the instructions provided by ResMed.

Servicing and inspection of the products generally should not be required during their design life. 

** If you prefer to have your device to be servicing on a regular basis, we can recommend our working partner which can provide the service.

Device  & Power Supply Units  2 years
Water Tub  90 days

It is important to create a routine to clean your water tub, tubing, mask and replacement of filter to receive optimal therapy. ResMed user guide provide guideline on how to disassemble your water tub and tube for cleaning. 

 Water Tub
  • Change the water daily and replace it with clean water before your bedtime.
  • Weekly cleaning - remove the water tub and rise it with mild detergent ( tele-PAP recommend Purdoux Soap)
  • Allow the water tub to air dry (do no place under direct sun)
  • Wipe the exterior with a dry cloth before inserting it back into your device
Hose / Tubing
  • Weekly cleaning -  Wash the air tubing in warm water with mild detergent. It should not be washed in temperatures higher than 131ºF (55ºC). Do not wash in a dishwasher or washing machine. (tele-PAP recommend Purdoux Soap)
  • Drip dry your hose or dry it with our 2 in 1 premium CPAP hose brush that comes with 2 micro fiber cloth to dry your hose.
  • Do no dry your hose under direct sun or heat
  • Weekly check your filter  - replace it when it turn light grey.