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Chin Strap

Chin Strap

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Most important characteristics of the CPAP Chin Strap:

  • Helps reduce snoring (anti snoring strap)
  • Minimizes air loss / leaks during your CPAP therapy
  • Very soft and comfortable material
  • Adjustable: you can easily adapt the strap to your facial contours
  • Easy to combine with a CPAP mask

For whom is the CPAP Chin Strap suitable?

For people who suffer from snoring and for CPAP users that experience air loss/leaks during their CPAP therapy. A chin strap helps you to keep your mouth closed during your sleep and forces you to breathe through the nose.

Anti snoring strap that helps reduce snoring

Snoring has a negative influence on your night’s rest and on the long term on your health. In addition, snoring sounds are very annoying for your bed partner. Snoring can be one of the symptoms of sleep apnea, but this is not always the case. An anti snoring strap supports your jaw and forces you to keep your mouth closed. This way, the strap helps reduce snoring.

Less leaks thanks to a CPAP chin strap

Do you suffer from sleep apnea and are you a CPAP user? In that case, you may experience air loss when you sleep with your mouth open. This will dry out your mouth and the sound produced by the leaks will disturb the night’s rest of your bed partner. A CPAP chin strap helps minimizing air loss and is easy to combine with a CPAP mask (nasal mask). It’s a perfect solution for people who don’t want to wear a full face mask!

Comfortable and adjustable

The Best in Rest CPAP chin strap is made of very comfortable and soft cloth. It’s like you’re not wearing a chin strap at all! Also, the chinstrap is breathable: perfect for people who suffer from night sweats. Thanks to the velcro, adjusting the strap to fit your facial contours is a piece of cake. Position the wide strap under your chin and the two slim straps on the sides of your head. There are also two straps on the top and back of your head; the strap with the Best in Rest logo is the bottom.


We recommend to wash your chin strap on a regular basis, preferably in lukewarm soapy water with Purdoux Soap.

Shipping & Return

Shipping: Ship out of order on the next working day via Ninja Van service with tracking number. 

Return Policy Terms and Condition: 
Get in-touch with Tele-PAP Live Chat if you wish to return the product. We will accept return item base on the following reason.

  • Package arrived torn or damaged.
  • Wrong product is being delivered.
  • Product is not in functioning mode. 

All return delivery fee shall be borne by custom. Only tore credit will be issue or exchange of product.


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