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ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto (Auto BiPAP)

ResMed AirCurve 10 VAuto (Auto BiPAP)

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The AirCurve™ 10 VAuto is an auto-adjusting bilevel device that uses the comfort of both the AutoSet™ algorithm and Easy-Breathe waveform to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in patients who can benefit from greater pressure support. 

AirCurve 10 bilevel devices include two pressure level settings: a higher pressure when you inhale, and a lower pressure that makes it easier to exhale. Offering a higher comfort level for user require higher pressure. 

Keeping Track of Your Own Data
AirCurve also comes with a mobile app - MyAir, available in both Android and iOS. It also has a cloud-base platform for care-provider to access your data information in detail remotely. Troubleshooting and fine tuning of PAP therapy has never been this convenient.

ResMed Offer Remote Therapy Management Platform
ResMed AirSense10 and AirCurve10 comes with secure, cloud-based system that allows care-provider to remote access your therapy to provide support on your therapy easily. More information available in ResMed Tele-Monitoring tab....

What Comes with ResMed AirCurve10 set: 
  • ResMed AirCurve10 Auto BiPAP  (2 year warranty)
  • Built-In HumidAire Heated Humidifier 
  • Humidifier Water Chamber- 15mm Diameter
  • Filter (installed)
  • Power Supply with Adapter 
  • Carrier Bag
  • Manual Guide
  • 2 year warranty (device & power supply unit) 
  • Mobile App - MyAir Asia

After Sale Service:

  • Pre-set up of AirSense10 before ship out.
  • Unlimited remote tele-monitoring on CPAP therapy data via ResMed AirView 
  • Unlimited downloading of therapy reports 
  • Unlimited remote CPAP therapy troubleshooting / fine tuning of setting

    Therapy Modes:   CPAP, BiLevel S (s, VAuto (Auto-BiLevel)
    Size:  Machine with Heated Humidifier 15.5cm L x 11.6cm W x 15cm H
    1.24kg device alone  / 2,3kg complete set  
    26.6 dBA
    Pressure Range:
    VAuto: 2 to 25 cmh2O, CPAP: 4 to 20 cmH2O
    Ramp Mode:  Yes 
    Max Altitude:  8500
    Auto Altitude Adjustment:  Yes 
    Auto Start/ Off: Yes
    FAA Compliant:  Yes 


    Important Tips

    ResMed cloud-base remote assist for care-provider and clinician that enable remote troubleshooting and therapy adjustment 

    The clinical therapy usage data provide insight information for healthcare profession to pick up signal from your data like:-

    Pressure flow - The pressure you required through-out the night. Whether the pressure too little or too much for you that is causing discomfort or contributes to events like vibration snore, hypopnea or apnea.

    Events Information - the score on Apnea /  Hypopnea / Central / RERA index when you are on CPAP therapy. 

    Mask Leak - Is your mask fitting well in the night. A poor mask fit will affect the result of your CPAP Therapy.

    Copy of these report can be generated out remotely and share with you. Should there have any needs for clinical setting adjustment, it can be perform remotely by your care-provider too. 

    From time to time, our body may change, mask seal has weaken without you realizing it, the sleep quality has deteriorate or your bed partner start to you some light snore again. This shows adjustment of your therapy is needed.
    A regular check-in with your healthcare provider can ensure the quality of your CPAP therapy.

    CPAP Tele-Monitoring is time and cost saver. 

    Shipping & Return

    Shipping: Ship out of order on the next working day via Ninja Van service with tracking number. 

    Return Policy Terms and Condition: 
    Get in-touch with Tele-PAP Live Chat if you wish to return the product. We will accept return item base on the following reason.

    • Package arrived torn or damaged.
    • Wrong product is being delivered.
    • Product is not in functioning mode. 

    All return delivery fee shall be borne by customer. Only tore credit will be issue or exchange of product.

    Warranty Claim:
    Fill up the warranty form and we will get in touch with your with the next 24 working hours. 

    All warranty claim delivery fee will be borne by customer.

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